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Two Year Anniversary on survaillance....

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  • Chris'Mom
    I love to hear good news.....thanks for sharing ...Mary Ellen

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  • dadmo
    Thanks for posting. I never get tired of good news posts.

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  • Scott
    That's wonderful news! Thanks so much for coming back to share it, and best wishes to you and Ruben.

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  • Rossi
    started a topic Two Year Anniversary on survaillance....

    Two Year Anniversary on survaillance....

    Dear Fellow Cancer Survivors,

    I am pleased to come back to this wonderful forum and let you all know that my little brother, Ruben, has passed his two year mark on surveillance after being diagnosed with TC.

    I want to let you know a little about Ruben since being diagnosed, he has graduated top of his class and was also class Valedictorian. He graduated High school this past summer and had various full ride scholarships to include Williams College of Pa, Bowdoin College, Amherst College, and Ohio State.

    I will never forget the help I received on this forum to help me become and advocate for my brother’s care. I believe that surveillance although initially difficult, was the best choice given the fact that my brother was in school and needed to concentrate on his academic goals.

    Once again thank you all for your support on this forum, I would personally like to thank Scott, Dadmo, Rune, and James. You are God’s gift to people like me that needed help in time of need. Sorry I did not mention everyone as it has been over a year since i have visited.

    God Bless all of you during this holiday season.


    Oracio Torres