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So who here can say theres has grown?

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  • So who here can say theres has grown?

    Or that there remaining testicle pain has gone away.

    I kept reading that the remaining testis will grow, but I also read that along with the myth that one organ works as well as two.

    Who here can say without a doubt that there remaining testis has grown since there orchidectomy? Because if anything mine is just getting smaller and more painfull.
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    DUring the chemo, I noticed my remaining testicle would shrink during BEP and slowly regrow on the bleo only weeks. Now a few months out, I personally think it has shrunk compared to what it was (although there seems to be more epidydimis), and i do have a general ache in that side of nthe groin that comes and goes - I'm guessing this is partly due to me being more active than i had been during the chemo. Urologist wasnt concerned by the pain, so not sure there's much i can do


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      After my I/O, mine got bigger and ached for a while. Then it seemed to get a bit smaller and no logher aches. My urologist said told me it was normal as your remaining one has to gear up to do more work - myth or not, that is what I was told. I am now 8 months out and don't notice any more changes, so I would call it stable - but I honestly do think it is smaller than it used to be.
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        Mine's so big that sometimes I feel like I look whole... I can feel it on my left side, the side that was removed. Then it looks really sad and pathetic after a warm shower... like someone once said in one of these forums "Like an egg in a hefty bag..." those are the only times that I wish that I had a "fakie". Anyway, my left was atrophic, so there isn't much of a difference in my overall "look" under most circumstances.

        I just had my first cryobank installment today. 30 million per mL, 61% motility. I'm only 2 months post I/O, not the ideal 3, so I'm quite happy with the performance of the one boy. The technician said it was suprisingly high under the circumstances.

        A few years ago I tried to become a donor, and I seem to remember that I was only about 40 million (80 million total) and at about the same motility, so not to shabby, the left one was probably not putting much out at all.

        Also, I had a chance to look under the microscope. They looked nice and healthy, textbook. Much different than the garbage I saw a couple of weeks after my I/O (really sad dead sperm, twisted, knotted tails skimming in errant circles). I was mortified... now I'm happy .

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