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Surveillance Schedule, Non-Seminoma, Two+ Years Out

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  • dadmo
    My son was stage III treated with 4EP and an RPLND, he just passed the 2 year mark and is still following the guidelines as they are listed over at I will have to ask him if they are still plannung on taking blood but my guess is yes. It seems that they check his markers when they say hello.

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  • Surveillance Schedule, Non-Seminoma, Two+ Years Out

    What is everyone's surveillance schedule for non-seminoma, third year?

    Reason I am asking: (i) I was diagnosed and operated 4/2005 w/ 85% Sem/ 15% EC (pt2, N0, MO, SO); (ii) surveillance only as follow-up; (iii) treating oncologist is IU-educated and sees 200+ Tc patients at any one time; (iv) assuming, I hit my two-year mark clean, he stated that there will be no more CT scans, just CXR and markers (from the beginning, I was always marker-negative); (v) the suggested protocol runs contrary to and current nccn guidelines.