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Radiation is OVER!!!

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  • Radiation is OVER!!!

    boyfriend finished up radiation today!! (makes me so happy!!) just wondering, about how long after ending treatment did those of you who've been through this start to feel better? and how long after did you go to the doc for follow-up tests?

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    Side affects after radiation is really individual. I finished my radiation 3 weeks ago. I still go earlier to bed but in general I feel good now. A lot of people don’t have much appetite during treatment. I couldn’t stop eating however didn’t put any additional weight. It also depends how much radiation your boyfriend received during his treatment.

    My doctor told me to see him in next 3 month for blood work and x-ray. My schedule will be following up appointments every 3 month for x ray and twice a year for CT scan.

    I hope it helped.


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      thanks guys......encouraging to hear


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        Let's see ... what's the word I'm looking for ... oh yes, "wooohooooooooooo"!!

        I had 3 weeks of radiation ending back on October 5. I ended up taking 5 weeks of short-term disability off from work, but felt pretty good even just a few days after my treatments were over. I was still tired, certainly, but the queasiness went away fairly quickly. Luckily, a new cafe had just opened down the street here in Brooklyn and I had a nice cozy place to frequent every morning.

        Funny story however, the waiting room at the cancer clinic where I was getting zapped had a coffee machine that always had hazelnut coffee brewing in it. The smell of hazelnut coffee made me feel a little "off" for weeks and weeks afterwards -- ! Luckily, A) I don't particularly like hazelnut coffee anyway, and B) My new local cafe hangout doesn't brew hazelnut coffee -- whew!
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