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Lower Back Pain after High Dose Chemo HELP!!!

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  • Lower Back Pain after High Dose Chemo HELP!!!

    MY brother just finished his second round of high dose chemo with stem cell transplant on Nov 30/06 and got out of the hospital on Dec 14/06 and since christmas day he is getting very bad lower back pains and sort of hip pain to the point of taking oral moriphine, no other drugs even help the pain.
    I am just worried about that lower back pain because he only gets that pain when the TC is back in the lymph nodes.
    My brother said that he believed that he heard from the dr's that he might get arthritis pain due to the HDC, because neal received 4000mg of HDC this last round, and he is only 170 pounds. I say that becasue I know that they measure the chemo by height and weight.
    Neal is going for a PET and CT scan on Jan 17 to get final results, he has choosen to wait until the new year to get results. So we dont even know the results from the HDC treatment yet. That is why i am so worried.
    So any opinions, has anyone else been through this?