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  • Leg Pain

    My son is complaining about leg pain tonight. He says it is hard to pinpoint exactly where it is at, but the general area he is showing me is the upper thigh/hip area on the left side. Has anyone been bothered with the same problem, and does it mean the cancer is spreading to the bone?

    Son Anthony DX 12/11/06
    L/O 12/20/06 Stage IIIA, 95% EC, 5% Yolk Sac
    4XEP 1/29-4/6/ 07
    AFP started increasing3 wks later
    Residual abdominal mass found on CT
    RPLND 6/8/07
    Cancer in pathology-
    80% mature teratoma, 20% Yolk Sac. --
    No adjuvent chemo and
    AFP normalised

    July 22, 2010 ---- 3 years all clear!

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    highly unlikely. what is your sons' situation?
    diagnosed 01/15/2005 bi-lateral seminoma stage IIa,4cm lymph node, right I/O & partial left I/O mar/2005, 18 days of radiation, remaining left I/O- aug/2005, surveillance, Wife did IVF oct/2005, DAD OF BABY GIRL born 08-02-2006!!! testosterone implants May 2008


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      Tell your son's doctor about the pain. When my husband had pain in his calf, it turned out to be a blood clot. I don't know if clots happen in the outer thigh, but it never hurts to check with his doctor.


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        I agree, Chris had leg pain after coming home from surgery, and we had a test done with a radiologist to rule out a blood went away on its own....Mary Ellen