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  • Going to the specialist

    Well, we see Dr. Cookson at Vanderbilt this morning at 9:30. All of a sudden I am feeling the same way I felt when we were told it was cancer. For the last few weeks things seemed to be getting back to normal...we didn't have any appointments going on so we got to take a break. Now it is all back. I am nervous and can't sleep. My husband however...he is snoring! Sometimes (most of the time) it doesn't seem to be phasing him. He goes into appointments and when the doctor asks if there are any questions, he looks at me and asks if there is anything I want to ask. He has asked one question of the doctors...and that was if we can have sex during radiation...figures, huh? My emotions are all over the place again. I am up making sure I have my notebook with questions to ask all ready to go along with the reports and cd's we have...Anyway...thank you everyone for being here! God bless.

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    Hi Michelle, good luck at your appointment. My husband did a lot of research in the beginning, but then he stopped and I did what you are doing... have pen, have questions written down (Jon's response was the doctor will tell us everything we need to know). Now I know that was Jon's way of handling the situation and he knew I would be there to handle this part. Sometimes I was so frustrated but kept on going without too much complaining and now I'm glad I did. Keep up what you are doing, he with thank you some day when his hurting isn't so bad.

    Keep us posted
    Lori and Jon
    Diagnosed 5/22/2006
    I/O 5/26/2006, Stage 3, Good
    Teratoma (Majority), Seminoma (10%), Yolk Sac
    3xEP then determined not working
    HDC w/stem cell transplant 8/16/06 to 9/25/06
    Chest and Neck surgery 10/9/06 - immature teratoma
    RPLND 11/16/06 - immature Teratoma
    2/29/2008 - markers continue to be normal!
    9/16/2008 - released from Dr. Einhorn's care


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      Good luck with your husbands doctor today. The stress you're feeling is quite normal but you may want to visit a doctor also. Cancer is not easy to deal with and we co-survivors need to be taken care of to.
      Son Jason diagnosed 4/30/04, stage III. Right I/O 4/30/04. Graduated College 5/13/04. 4XEP 6/7/04 - 8/13/04. Full open RPLND 10/13/04. All Clear since.

      Treated by Dr. Rakowski of Midland Park, NJ. Visited Sloan Kettering for protocol advice. RPLND done at Sloan Kettering.


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        Michelle, Sometimes husbands are in denial and it was easy in my husband's case because who heard of TC back in 1980. Also, men tend to be positive. I can remember after the surgery leaning over my husband and saying "The bad news is that it is cancer, the good news is that you are not going to die." He looked at me askanced and said, "I don't intend to." He snored through the whole thing too while I was on a tranquilizer. I learned the value of romance novels, they all have a happy ending with no emotional tension. Good luck today. Dianne
        Spouse: I/O 8/80; embryonal, seminoma, teratoma; RPLND 9/80 - no reoccurrence - HRT 8/80; bladder cancer 11/97; reoccurrence: 4X
        Son: I/O 11/04; embryonal, teratoma; VI; 3XBEP; relapse 5/08; RPLND 6/18/08 - path: mature teratoma