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Finally, we have our direction

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  • Finally, we have our direction

    We finnaly have our 2nd opinion from Dr. Einhorn. I am not sure why it took so long, but my husbands oncologist call late last night to let us know he spoke to Dr. Einhorn and he is recommending Chemo first.

    Not that any of this is a revelation by any means, but we do finally have the expert opinion.

    I have no idea what else Dr. Einhorn may have tried to relay to the onocolgist, I was hoping he would get a tounge lashing for not following protocol with the chest x-rays and such...not sure if that happened or not.

    I am guessing we will be starting chemo either the 22nd or the 29th.

    Quick question, do they normally do another CT, chest x-ray and blood work up right before chemo?

    Thank you for all the support and information you all have provided. Without you I think we would be still trying to figure out what to do next or doing surgury to find out what is in the lymph nodes.


    Husband Right I/O 09/06
    -70% Embryonal Carcinoma
    -20% Teratoma
    -10% Yolk Sac Tumor
    11/06- lymph nodes 1.8x1.4 and 1.9x1.4
    12/06-PET Scan confirms activity in lymph nodes, lymph nodes 2.2x2.2 and 2.4x2.3
    1/07-Start 3xBEP
    4/07-PET clear, lymph nodes down to 1.1x0.5 and 1.8x1.0
    6/07-lymph nodes 1.2x1.0 and 1.9x.9
    8/07-lymph nodes 1.1x1.0 and 2.0x1.2
    10/07-lymph nodes 2.0x1.5 and 2.7x1.8
    11/07- PostChemo LRPLND-found burnt out teratoma
    11/09-Enlarging lymph node 1.2 cm near renal veins

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    Originally posted by mercyriver

    Quick question, do they normally do another CT, chest x-ray and blood work up right before chemo?


    Yes, a complete battery of tests should be performed just prior to starting Chemo - CT's of Chest, Abdomen and Pelvis (chest x-ray is optional if they do CT of chest) and blood tests. If the chemo includes "Bleo", a baseline lung test is also a good idea. This way, there is plenty of before and after comparisons for the docs, especially when looking at the lymph nodes.
    TC diagnosed 4/3/06, [email protected]; Left I/O 4/10/06; Stage IIa Non-Seminoma, 100% Yolk Sac; Started 4xEP 5/22/06 with [email protected]; Finshed 4xEP 8/11, AFP normal, CT scans clear! Now on surveillance