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Sydney - Private Oncology Clinic Required!

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  • Sydney - Private Oncology Clinic Required!


    Stage I Seminoma, Right testicle, Orchiectomy mid Feb 06, Carboplatin Mar 31st 06... 3 monthly exams since with tumour markers and chest x-ray at 6 months... just completed month 9 and still cool!

    My Wife and I have decided that rather than wait for the recommended period for having children to just roll on by we're going to fill the gap by travelling the world for 12 months starting May 1st. I have a CT scan and 12 month check up with markers in April, and after I've been given the all clear we're off (with the full support of my Oncologist). He's recommended that I get a check half way through the travel (6 months), which although isn't every 4 months like originally recommended, he seems fine with.

    We'll be in Australia at that point (Sydney area) and was wondering if anyone has any contact information of a clinic in that area that would perform the neseccary check up/tumour markers and chest x-ray. I'll have all the relative information form my Oncologist about what I require. I just don't want to leave it till I turn up, to start looking for a clinic that will do this for me!

    They would have to be able to treat me privately as I will be paying for it myself and also won't have much time!



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    First off, congratulations on your "all clears" thus far. Do make sure you get your 18 month surveillance appointment in, though. It's good that you are making arrangements well ahead of time so everything will be set during your trip. While seminoma is slow-growing, you want to make sure you keep it in check. Out of curiosity, did you get one or two shots of carboplatin?
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    12.09.06 -Rt I/O; 100% seminoma, multifocal; Stage I-A; Surveillance; Six years out! I consider myself cured.


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      Down in Oz

      The Sydney Cancer Centre should be able to help you. Dr. Lisa Horvath and Dr. Martin Stockler take care of the urological cancers, and are experts in the field. You can contact them on 0011161295157695 at the Prince Alfred Hospital for appointments or referrals.
      Public transport will make it really easy for appointment. Good Luck and enjoy your trip!


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        Hey guys,

        thankyou so much for the help.... I'm starting to get really excited about the trip, and it would be so good if I can get this sorted before I go then all I have to think about on the way round is making the appointment rather than having to figure out the who's, where's and when's!

        Fed, I'll definately be getting the check up no matter what it requires, My wife would tie me up and drag me home to get checked if I even considered missing it! I only had a single dose of carboplatin. Apparently it drops the chances of recurrence from 20% (still pretty good) to 4% (much better). It was only a few days of nausea and restlessness too, so nothing compared to treatments for non-seminomas!

        btw, I'll be travelling really light so if you can fit within my weight allowance, I can probably sneak you in my suitcase!