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Unusual seminoma surgery

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  • wannalive
    Thanks Robert

    Doc in Cancer Institute wants to follow regular procedure, surveilance
    and save surgery after a growth, he thinks location is not so problem
    there is 2-4 cm distance to kidney veins, not so risky

    he thinks teratoma is unlikely, because markers were normal
    this confused me also, is it possible to have normal marker for non-seminoma ?

    Now I have the dilemma of many people
    2 doc's recommend surgery (inc. Dr. E) and 1 not

    I think I will go with the surgery to ease my mind, Dr. E is the holy expert
    and the surgent really convinced me with his experience, next time I may not be so lucky

    I think week starting with 12 Feb will be surgery time

    by the way eye brows are back already, growing so quick
    hairs not but eye brows really effected my mood, feeling like not human

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  • wannalive
    started a topic Unusual seminoma surgery

    Unusual seminoma surgery

    Finally I got my final CT results, again no change in size after 4xEP and PET negative, Doc's decide to remove it by surgery
    it is not RPLND just removal of the bulky mass

    reason is to be sure what it is, avoid many CT scans, and incase of growth later, there is not much tissue around this
    therefore complete removal will be more diffucult

    they are not sure what it is,
    seminoma is not likely because no size change at all
    probably unvisible non-seminoma elements from testicle (teratoma)
    or a benign tumor that was there before (medically possible)

    I met the surgent, he is an old and very experienced man, status of emeritus,
    he says having this surgery by him is good chance because if it is not germ cell tumor a urolog surgent may have diffuculty but he has broad experience in many type of tumors, good news in case of surprise

    Location is around my stomach actually, I thought it was lower
    he pushed it yesterday to check if it is possible to move and I felt it also
    he says it is well delaminated, not diffusive, all indication of benign
    probably easy to get out in 1,5 hrs or 2h

    I hope after 1 month I will relieve and get over this
    I'll post 2nd opinion on monday, this will be from institute in Paris