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  • Hiccups

    Just wondering if anyone experienced constant hiccups while going through chemo. My brother started with the hiccups at 10am and it's now 6pm and the Rx they gave him for it hasn't helped, it's making him sick to his stomach in addition to being exhausting. He's tried tums also. He went through 4 cycles of BEP never had this now he's on VIP
    Brother Diag. 10/05 Non-Sem.
    Right I/O 11/05
    4XBEP 8/06
    RPLND 12/06
    2X VIP 1/22/07
    Only completed 1 Rd.

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    Yes, we've seen that reported before, such as in this thread.
    Scott, [email protected]
    right inguinal orchiectomy 6/5/2003 > nonseminoma, stage I > surveillance > L-RPLND 6/24/2005 for recurrence, suspected teratoma but found seminoma, stage II > chylous ascites until 9/2005 > surveillance and "all clear" since

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      I had the hiccups too- on 4xEP.
      I took Reglan, which got them under control.
      The Dr. told me that Thorazine would also work, and is stronger than Reglan. Incidently, I have a friend who is an OB/GYN, and when I told her that I have hiccups she asked if they prescribed Thorazine. So I guess it's common. Good Luck.
      Stage III. Embryonal Carcinoma, Mature Teratoma, Choriocarcinoma.
      Diagnosed 4/19/06, Right I/O 4/21/06, RPLND 6/21/06, 4xEP, All Clear 1/29/07, RPLND Incisional Hernia Surgery 11/24/08, Hydrocelectomy and Vasectomy 11/23/09.

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        My husband had it bad. Indiana persribes Baclofen. Hope this helps!
        Erin (caregiver)
        Hubby Stage IIIC Diagnosed 10/27/05,
        HCG 512,000 AFP 636 LDH 1012, I&O 10/28/05
        1 x EP, 2 x VIP, then 2 x BEP (10/31/05-1/06)
        Sterotactic Radiation to two brain tumors 12/05
        Sterotactic Radiation to new brain tumor 4/4/06
        Whole brain radiation 4/15 -5/18/06
        Tandem High dose chemo and stem cell 6/5/06-7/31/06 - markers normalized
        RPLND with 9cm x 24 cm abd mass removal 9/14/06 - Only teratoma and necrotic tissue removed
        Currently on surveillance


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          Thanks for the responses, he is on Baclofen, it helps for about 2 hours, then they come back, he's been sooooo sick the past 2 days, that they are just drugging him so he sleeps, therefore no hiccups. so I guess that's good. TGIF is all i have to say.
          Brother Diag. 10/05 Non-Sem.
          Right I/O 11/05
          4XBEP 8/06
          RPLND 12/06
          2X VIP 1/22/07
          Only completed 1 Rd.


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            I see scott already posted a thread that had my response in it - so I will not repeat what is in there already...

            Just know that this is very common and not out of the ordinary.

            I remember when my hiccups started - I'd laugh at how frequent and loud they were....after a few days, it wasn't so funny....but it did pass.

            best wishes..

            - lump first noticed 11/20/2005
            - I/O right Dec 8, 2005
            - 95% embryonal / 5% seminoma
            - normal markers PRE surgery
            - no vascular invasion, tunica free of cancer, epididymis free of cancer, lungs free, lymph free
            - Stage I diagnosis
            - surveillance
            - mid feb '06, beta hcg slightly elevated = 4.6...small enlarged lower node seen on CT scan...
            - 3BEP began feb 20, 2006
            - finished 3 BEP, last bleo, april 17, 2006
            - CT scan, blood markers, chest..all clear
            - back on surveillance