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    Hi Everyone,
    Just returned from the cancer clinic. Stage 1 Seminoma.
    Husband's CT report was clear, no mets to chest,abdomen or pelvis!!!
    We chose radiation over surveilence because we don't have ready access to CT and specalists.
    4 weeks of radiation comming, not booked yet, will be in the next 3/4 weeks.
    The radiation oncologist offered abdominal radiation only but said if we really wanted pelvis also then he would do that, is that standard or should we go with pelvic radiation also? What are the thoughts on this?

    I am so glad to be home even if for a little while.

    Partner with Stage 1 Seminoma

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    Hi lindamac

    I can only tell for Switzerland. The standard for Seminoma Stage I is radiation of abdomen (no chest or pelvis). The goal is to protect healthy organs as good as possible, if you radiate. (80% are cured without adjuvant therapy, only OP)
    But standard is changing because of new results with carboplatin chemo therapy.

    I think that 4 weeks is very much... Which dosis does he want to give?

    I am deciding in this days how to continue...
    Read here
    Diagnosed 03/01/2005
    Left I/O 03/03/2005 (no prothesis)
    4cm 100% Seminoma Stage I - no rete testis invasion
    2xCarboplatin chemo 04/15/2005 - 05/20/2005
    On Surveillance - 09/15/2005 Blood, CT, X-Ray, Uro Check - ALL CLEAR