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Doctor didn't order a new CT

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  • Doctor didn't order a new CT

    Hi, I was diagnosed with stage one seminoma 2.7cm nothing outside of the testical in March, had my RO after, CT and x-ray were clear, started surveillance. 3 month check up, Doctor checked the surviver said felt good and to get some blood work. Blood work was well within normal range very slightly above the one before leaving, I know they fluctuate a little from different things. Doctor didn't order a CT scan he said that would be another 6 months before another CT. I'm at my 6 month now and I'm worried about relapse, I am going to a new doctor tomorrow. Should I be worried I feel fine no difference to my feeling, feel pretty good actually. But I'm worried about being late on CT scan and missed something major. How quickly can relapse grow out of control?

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    I wouldn't be worried the odds are very good that the 6 month CT will be clear. The worst case scenario is that the CT isn't clear, you need further treatment & are then cured TC really is that treatable.

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      Thanks Dave I really appreciate the response!


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        Just a quick update, went to an oncologist got a better schedule put into place. And just got my 6 month CT results back, all clear, no change. Feel astronomically better now that I have a good plan in place.


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          Glad to hear that you have a better plan. How often are they going to do your CT scans?

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            The labs are very solid info! Cant speak for everyone but in my case, the bloodwork has never lied.


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              Glad to hear you got the good news!! We all worry about cancer coming back before the test, but it does get better with time!
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                Originally posted by Mike View Post
                Glad to hear that you have a better plan. How often are they going to do your CT scans?

                After this one, the doctor said it should be in 6 months. Blood work every 3. And a chat to see how I am feeling.