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    I was wondering if anyone has any insight as to how long your body takes to get back to pre-orchiectomy/pre-radiation condition? I had the surgery 6/29/06 and finished radiation on 8/28/06. Since then I have been doing light workouts (jogging, light calisthenics, etc) but have noticed lately when I have really tried to step up the running that I don't have quite the stamina that I used to and sometimes during sit-ups it starts to get a little sore near the incision site. Anyone else have any experience with this? I realize that I probably sat around being lazy a little longer than I should have after the treatments, but I've been doing light workouts since around October. I would have thought I would have been at or real close to where I was pre-surgery.
    diagnosed 28 June 06. Orchiectomy 29 June 06. Stage 1 Seminoma with no evidence of spread or Vasc invasion. Finished adjuvant RT (27Gy) to abdominal and pelvic area August 28th, 2006.

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    tlh -

    I followed the same treatment path you did and also noticed a slower recovery back to "pre-cancer" days. Not sure how much can be attributed to not working out, but I think the combined effect of taking it easy and your body being tired does make the curve back a slower one. Assuming your doctor has indicated no other issues, then you should be fine to step up your workouts, but since you mention that you took it very easy for some time then you should expect it to take some time to get back to your pre-surgery fitness level. I have also experienced some stamina issues, but I have largely attributed that to the long lay-off. The pain around the incision site is normal and I experienced the same especially after an ab work-out or long runs. It has really only been within the last 2-3 months that this discomfort has settled some. It takes time for the body to heal from the surgery, but you should be fine stepping it up as along as you watch your body. Since my surgery and radiation treatments I have done 2 marathons, 2 half marathons, and one half ironman. I tried to make up for the down time last year and might have pushed it too soon, but I think the steady training helped me recover. I may be slow, but I feel pretty good!
    Hang in there and keep training!!
    Diagnosed 5-5-05 (Stage 1 - Seminoma) / Oriechtomy 5-9-05 / Adjuvant Radiation July 2005