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Pulmonary Function Test - Small Airway Disease

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  • mercyriver
    Yup, you are right, that is what they told him. They said they would do more to watch it. My husband just laughed. He hated the pulmonary function test the first time, he can't believe he is going to have to do it more often now.

    We should find out tomorrow how often they will test him.


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  • dadmo
    I would think that at this point they may just do some extra monitoring. If they switch chemo don't get upset 4xEP should work just as well.

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  • Pulmonary Function Test - Small Airway Disease

    I know this doesn't fit perfectly here, but since the PFT was part of getting ready for chemo and will be done after as well, I thought i would try asking.

    The newest in the strange twists of our saga is the Pulmonary Function Test came back showing my husband has Small Airway Disease.

    We have no idea what this means and neither did the oncologist's nurse, she was going to call the person who read the test to find out more.

    I know pulmonary fibrosis is a small airway disease and I know bleomycin can cause pulmonary fibrosis, but I don't know if this will prevent him from recieving the bleomycin right off the bat.

    I guess we will know more tomorrow, but I thought I would pick your brains while I can!

    Thank you