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Heavy Feeling after RPLND

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  • Heavy Feeling after RPLND

    Hi all, I'm new here and I am looking for advice or maybe to see if someone has experienced something similar. I guess I should give a brief history, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer last year, it was non-seminoma and a mixed germ cell tumor 95% embryonal, 5% yok sac and choriocarcinoma. I had the initial orchidectomy on the 28th of May last year to remove the affected left testicle however there were signs of lymphovascular invasion and further CT scans revealed spread to the retroperitoneum. They started 4XBEP on me on June 28th last year, ironically my birthday as well and my last session was on the 13th of September. The 13th of September felt like such an exciting day but further scans revealed I my mass had only shrunk by 4mm, me and my mum read the report wrong and got excited because we thought it shrunk to 4mm so that was a bummer. This then lead to us having to prepare for an RPLD which was then done on the 22nd of February. Its now September and for the most part I was getting back into a routine and feeling much better about myself. However these past two weeks I have been feeling a heaviness and dull pain under my stomache and this pain also hurts my back. It reminds me of the pain I felt when I was initially diagnosed with cancer of course that pain was worse it would make me cry if I didn't take advil, this one just feels numb and uncomfortable but it gets bad if I lift heavy stuff or walk around too much. It sucks because I had gotten a routine going and was exercising on a daily basis and was preparing to get back out to work by the end of the year. Now I just lie down alot and I feel a bit tired. I don't know what is causing this constant pain, I just keep on hoping that it would go away but it doesn't. Saw the doctors but they said they can't tell me anything without scan results, I did a CT in July of the is year and everytime I go to the hospital they tell me the report isn't ready. The doctors felt where I said was hurting but didn't feel any mass, she prescribed a muscle relaxer which doesn't help and sent me for an ultrasound in hopes that I can get those results before the CT but the ultrasound results should be ready in November, so I feel like its really far away. I just want to know if anyone ever experienced this kind of pain, a dull aching pain in the abdomen which also hurts my back as well. I really don't want this to be cancer related. Thanks if you have taken the time to read this.

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    I have not had a RPLND to be able to relate the pains with you but I will say that waiting that long for a radiologist to interpret a CT scan is appalling. Wishing that you find some resolve soon.

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      I am so sorry to hear about your pain. I agree with Mike that waiting that long for the CT-scan result is unacceptable. I do hope that you can somehow get the results soon in order to clear your fear about the pain you have, and that your pain will lesson soon. My son has a very similar case like yours, with the same kind of non-seminoma cells, almost exactly the same percentages too, and it spread to one lymph node. We are all anxiously waiting for the first post-chemo CT scan result at the moment. Wishing you the best!