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    Well my brother had his appt. today,(didn't tell me, it was suppose to be tomorrow) And he told the Onc. no more chemo, he's done. And didn't even book another appt. or anything. First off I can not even begin to imagine what it's like to be told you have cancer. But I also can't believe how negative he is. I read all your stories of strength and it's amazing, I read Patrik's story and I want to slap my brother over the head with something. How this little 13 year old has been battling this, and continues battling and my brother who should be thankful for not having to indur as much and just go with the treatment. He did talk to me a bit today and it always comes back to the money or in his case lack of. He needs to work he says and this VIP recked him. He has no feeling in his feet, and his fingers bother him, this started with the BEP, but has only gotten worse. I told him the feeling might not be gone forever, but he says what if it only gets worse after this next cycle. He says he can no longer run, play ball, he's giving up, he actually gave up a long time ago. I can't be his cheerleader any longer. I can only hope he really thinks about this over the weekend and changes his mind come Mon. morning, or just pray that the cancer is gone and doesn't come back.
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    Sorry to hear this, I can only imagine how exasperated you must be. Does he have a clue what it will be like for him to stop treatment and let the cancer grow? Any way you can get him to talk to a social worker at the hospital about the $ concerns? There must be a mechanism in place to help him financially. You have done everything in your power to support and help him and I hope he comes to his senses.
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      Hello Krista,
      I am so sorry to hear about your brother's giving up to this damn disease. He needs more reason to fight and I hope he finds it soon. Maybe a fund raiser is needed to help him with money issues so it will lessen that part of the burden. The alternative is unthinkable. I am sure he may be suffering from depression with these set backs. It may be helpful to get him to counseling asap and address this. He may need medication as well. Hope things turn around and he changes his mind. Hang in there.
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