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Does this always occur?

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  • Does this always occur?

    My husband is having radiation soon and we were wondering if there is always nausea and vomiting associated with this?
    Should he take the Zofran (anti-nausea) even if he doesn't have nausea?

    The radiation oncologist offered only abdominal radation but said if he really wanted pelvic radiation also he would do it. Something about the cancer skips the pelvic nodes and goes to the abdominal nodes

    Thanks for your help.

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    for the nausea: as far as i know it is important to take anti-nausea treatments early, before nausea occurs. Infact these medications are more useful if taken for preventing nausea rather than eliminating it.
    In my case on the first round of BEP i didn't take much of my antinausea pills and felt REALLY bad on the first weekend.
    On the second round of BEP i started taking pills regularly every 4 hours on the first day of chemo, and i felt MUCH MUCH better during the w-e (didn't even have to go to the bathroom...).
    On the last round i was a Plasil-Addicted (taking pills every 4 hours and occasionally having injections in my back) but, guess what, on Sunday (last day of treatment) i went to the seaside and had a wonderful day (no nausea at all).

    Buona fortuna ,