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    You can see on my signature what my case involved. I was a pure Seminoma that needed chemo and RPLND. I have been seeing my oncologist every other month. I am now almost two years post chemo. I asked my oncologist how often I should be coming after two years, and what my follow up should involve. He did not seem to sure. Does anyone know? Any links to good resources? Thanks!
    Diagnosed 1-14-2005
    Orchiectomy 1-18-2005 100% pure seminoma
    Port Placed 2-14-2005
    Chemo 3XBEP 2-14-2005 - 4-12-2005,
    8cm residual mass at right kidney
    RPLND 7-26-2005 by Dr. Foster at I.U.
    All clear as of 11-09
    Androgel started 11-09