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  • Iodine sensitivity

    FYI - Be aware that you can become allergic to Iodine at anytime for all of you getting contrast with CT's. Years ago after getting probably 15 or 20 scans without a problem, I was getting another scan and they had to stop the scan,inject me with something?? and observe me for half a day.Breathing was restricted, felt like my lungs were filling up with liquid,ver,very warm feeling, not real pleasant. So now no contrast or shellfish. No problems with Iodinized table salt. I guess it was just the large concentration of it in the first place

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    Hi BOBO--my husband was first diagnosed 19 years ago with TC and had the orchiectomy and 3 rounds of chemo. For reasons which were never understood or explained to us, after the chemo, he was allergic to iodine in all forms! Shrimp was his favorite food in the world and after the chemo, if he even handled it, he would swell up like a balloon! He's tried from time to time over the years to eat it, to no avail. He also can't use the betadine or anything with iodine in it--again, he had no problem with it prior to the chemo back in 1986. We were actually discussing this over dinner last night and then I saw your post today. He always used to joke that the worst part of going through TC was not being able to eat shrimp anymore!
    Husband originally diagnosed May 1986: Right I/O, 4 rounds VIP. Rediagnosed with Stage IIB, non-seminoma, 20x12x8 abdominal mass in Sept. 2004: 4 rounds VIP, RPLND (full template) 2/17/05. Currently on surveillance and so far, so good!!!