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Neupogen advice?

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  • Neupogen advice?

    I've now had three days of neupogen and the pain is intense in my hips and back, as the doctor had warned me it would likely be.

    I have all types of over the counter pain medications, plus vicodin (which I don't really like to take).

    Doctor told me to take anything I want: tylenol is his preferred choice, but aspirin, advil, motrin are all approved along with vicodin.

    So far, I've tried aspirin (which usually works well for me) and tylenol and they have not been adequate. (I define adequate as allowing me to get to sleep.)

    Anybody have any experience with things that work on this? Does ice or heat help? Other remedies?

    Thaniks for any suggestions.

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    Thanks Robert. I will take the Vicodin if I need to in order to sleep tonight.

    I'm just getting tired of all the really strong pills I'm taking. I was hoping something else might do the trick.

    - Dan


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      Take whatever you need to ease the pain but be ready in advance next time. If our case is an indicator you will get the same pain in the same spot each round.
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        advice from our nurses

        Our nurses told Russell to take his Neupogen at night..along with the pain pills. The idea is to sleep through the intitial reaction. Sleepless nights are horrible and Russell had quite a few. Ativan knocked him out and helped with the nausea. Everyday was like coming up with a new recipe! The night time dose of Neupogen did seem to work although it does not sound like he had as much discomfort as you are dealing with. Thoughts are with you!!! Russell's mom Sharon
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