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LDH Tumor Marker

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  • mercyriver
    Hi Robert,

    I think you might be confusing me with someone else, I have husband, not a son.

    Three daughters though!

    Remember, my husband is the one with the compleatly idiotic oncologist. The one we should have dumped. But didn't.

    The one that thought we had adenocarcinoma in our pathology and then I sent it off to IU and it came back different?

    It is me, Becki.

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  • mercyriver
    started a topic LDH Tumor Marker

    LDH Tumor Marker

    I always hate starting a new thread, but I think it would be easier on someone if they come looking for specific information to be looking at seperate threads, not one all lumped together.


    Our oncologist has dropped testing the LDH levels in my husband, his last test for LDH was at the end of November.

    Is this OK? I know it isn't quite a specific as the AFP and the HCG, but I have no idea why he stopped testing for it.

    Should I get back on him about this?