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  • Finished with Chemo

    Yesterday was my last Bleo shot and I met with the doc who says I'm officially ready for surveillance. Hooray!

    Thanks again for all the advice and tips that people have shared, and especially encouraging me to move quickly early on. It really helped me establish the right mental attitude and let the doctors know I was going to be an active participant in getting well. It's terrific that you guys who know so much about this disease are willing to share with others. It also made a huge difference to be able to come here for information and doublecheck what I was being told as I made some difficult decisions.

    I'm waiting now for my tired old body to start recovering from all the side effects of the chemo drugs, but even with all the nausea, etc. it's wonderful to feel like it's finally over.

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    I am so happy for you!
    Co-survivor with husband Boyce, Diagnosed 7-11-06, orchiectomy right testicle on 7-12-06- Stage 3A: Mixed germ cell tumor with inguinal seminomatous and kartotypic carcinoma. One tumor over 10 cm, second tumor 4 cm, Chemo 4xBEP: Bi-lateral RPLND Dec 2006, nerve sparing but left sterile.
    Current DVT
    Current testosterone replacement therapy, Testim.

    "You must abandon the life you planned, to live the life that was meant for you" ~wisdom I have learned from my family on this forum


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      Great News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Brother Diag. 10/05 Non-Sem.
      Right I/O 11/05
      4XBEP 8/06
      RPLND 12/06
      2X VIP 1/22/07
      Only completed 1 Rd.


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        Great News. I have my last Bleo shot tomorrow!!!!!


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          Woohoo!! Congratulations on finishing!!
          "Life moves pretty fast; if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." -Ferris Bueller
          11.22.06 -Dx the day before Thanksgiving
          12.09.06 -Rt I/O; 100% seminoma, multifocal; Stage I-A; Surveillance; Six years out! I consider myself cured.


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            doesn't it feel great!

            the next few weeks you will be amazed at how much better you feel each day...

            - lump first noticed 11/20/2005
            - I/O right Dec 8, 2005
            - 95% embryonal / 5% seminoma
            - normal markers PRE surgery
            - no vascular invasion, tunica free of cancer, epididymis free of cancer, lungs free, lymph free
            - Stage I diagnosis
            - surveillance
            - mid feb '06, beta hcg slightly elevated = 4.6...small enlarged lower node seen on CT scan...
            - 3BEP began feb 20, 2006
            - finished 3 BEP, last bleo, april 17, 2006
            - CT scan, blood markers, chest..all clear
            - back on surveillance