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  • Ultrasound Schedule for Surveillance

    Hi All,

    Quick question:

    It's not listed in the NCCN Guidelines (unless I missed it) but how often should ultrasound be carried out on the contralateral testicle? I've heard anywhere from never (physical is fine), to six months, to 1 year. What schedule are you on, if at all? Finally, did anyone see any calcifications in their survivor? I had one single calcification that I'm concerned about, but I had microlithiasis in my cancerous one.


    I never get US on my survivor
    I get US every six months
    I get US once a year
    I get US occassionally for my survivor
    Detected mass 10-6-06, Radical left I/O 10-10-06, Stage I seminoma, 1.5 cm primary, No LV invasion, No Rete Testis Invasion... Currently on Surveillance.

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    When I was diagnosed, a tiny (3 mm) hypoechoic lesion was found in the left (and remaining) testicle. After my I/O, my urologist requested a follow-up six months later. My oncologist, though, seemed a bit more wary about it, so he ordered an ultrasound along with my first set of surveillance labs (2 months post I/O). The echogenicity was still there, and it turned out to be a linear rather than a round mass. According to the report, this was found not to represent a clinically significant finding. Another U/S has been ordered for August, although I still have one scheduled for June per the urologist's original order.

    As far as calcifications are concerned, yes, the cancerous one had microlithiasis with some punctate calcifications in the actual tumors and a few coarse ones elsewhere. The survivor doesn't seem to have any so far.
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    11.22.06 -Dx the day before Thanksgiving
    12.09.06 -Rt I/O; 100% seminoma, multifocal; Stage I-A; Surveillance; Six years out! I consider myself cured.


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      I just got one

      I know it is not part of the protocol But if it makes you feel better go get one. That’s what it did for me. I felt a lump I was sure it was my epididymis. but was not sure. I went right to my Ultrasound tech and we determined it was my epididymis.
      10/09/06 -- pT1-pNx-Mx-S0