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  • David1969
    I think Anxiety is certainly part of it!!! Everytime I walk into the Doctors I feel my heart rate increase. I am becomming a little obsessed about it now which can't be good.

    I am trying to drin k more to see if that helps with getting it down.

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  • David1969
    Thanks for all the responses. I suspect I am not drinking enough, but it is 2 weeks since I finished chemo and was hoping my heart rate would come down now!!!!

    My own doctors are worried about the heart rate and therefore looking at all possibilites to slow it down.

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  • Already Bald
    Low BP with racing heart

    My heart also raced the Monday following chemo infusions. I also had very low blood pressure, I am normally about 130/80- but I was hospitalized after the third chemo week : BP 90/60 and pulse 130.
    They pumped me with fliuds while giving me an EKG.
    Discharge papers said I was not drinking enough water.
    You need to stay hydrated- definetly run this by your doctor, but I'm guessing drinking more will help.

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  • mercyriver
    My husband had a heart rate of 155 after the 2nd Bleo. After that it has stayed over 100. At times it still races much higher then that.

    The Dr's and nurses have never worried, even if I have!

    And so far so good.

    Hope your heart calms down for you soon. I had several racing hearts episodes when I was pregnant and I know it is a very troubling feeling.


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  • wannalive
    quick answer

    I had 100-110 pulse for 2 days after 1st cycle or 2nd cycle for 1-2 days
    doctor told me to rest
    and it passed

    body reacts in many ways to chemo
    I had a lot of pain in the stomach side
    and took medication for that

    inform your doctor, share your feelings-concern here for relief
    and try not to be anxious ( I know it is difficult)


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  • David1969
    started a topic Increased Heart Rate - Help

    Increased Heart Rate - Help

    I have just finished my 2 rounds of BEP. During the second round I had an increased heart rate of 130 bpm, my consultant did not seem too concerned. However, my Doctor was concerned and sent me to a cardiologist yesterday. He is not sure what the problem is, however, he does not believe it is the Chemo causing it. Last night I did some research and found that the chemo medication can cause an increase in the heart rate. Has anybody else experienced this and if so how long did it last and what treatment was prescribed?

    Thanks for any help.