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How about hearing tests?

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  • How about hearing tests?

    Thomas had a hearing test today to (1) get a baseline reading for his hearing, and (2) because of the ringing in his ears after his first round of chemo. The audiologist commented that she felt everyone should have a baseline hearing test done before beginning chemo, and then once a month until chemo was done. But she said that only a few oncologists have their patients do that. I was curious how many on this board had their hearing tested before beginning chemo.


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    My son had his hearing tested after he had tinnitus presumably from the bleomycin. Luckily my friend is an audiologist and it was easy to get her to test him. His hearing was fine, and the ringing gradually subsided a couple of weeks after each round of chemo. It was never constant, but did annoy him a bit. Now that he has completed all 4 rounds (hopefully) he doesn't seem to have the tinnitus anymore.


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      My brother had a baseline hearing test before his 4 BEP , and after. No ringing in his ears at all.
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        So lets say you have a before and after chemo hearing test, and it shows that you have some hearing loss.... is there anything they can do to improve your hearing? Or is it just nice to know where you are at?
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          If you have persistant ringing in your ear's mention it to the doctor. Don't wait for a hearing evaluation.
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