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small mediastinal lynph without patological correlation?

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  • italian_tc
    Hi...I'm trying to have rplnd as fast as possible since i've done my last ct scan. I'm worry because of if this node are cancer I will need chemio. Sometime it sound to me that i'm in the right way to have rplnd and chemio.
    My doctor told my that mediastinum nodes could be because i'm a smoker...but inguinal...sound strange to me. Otherwise the mediastinum nodes are equal in 2 scan at 2 months...if it is cancer should
    thank to everyone! I'll post as soon as i will can after the rplnd...
    bye bye

    what mean " when you can safely walk..." I hope to walk the day after...about pain? With morphine do you feel something or nothing?

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    My last ct scan showed something similar, the doc ordered to do the blood tests again but they were ok and said that i`m all clear and we keep on surveillance.

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  • Karen
    Lymph nodes can become inlarged from infection, viral causes, injury etc. Was a size mentioned or just that they were "noted"? My husband has had lymph nodes "noted" for the past year and they never change (and I pray to God they never do!). So your RPLND is coming up? That will answer any question on the nodes. You will be another step closer to getting rid of any trace of the beast!

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  • small mediastinal lynph without patological correlation?

    I did my last ct scan one week ago and today i get back my result. Everything is ok!!!!
    but small lynph without patological sense are segnaled. located in mediastinum and inguinal. (mediastinum lynph was present in the first ct too - january- , they don't change)
    Is this normal? I'm a little worry because i'm waiting for rplnd in theese days...this was the last scan.

    the report say.
    No enlarged retroperitoneal lynph, lungs free of focal invasion. It's possible to note minus inguinal and mediastinal lynph node without patological sense.

    thank again to everyone!