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One year down!

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  • Chris'Mom
    Great news year down and many more healthy July, two years since my son Chris' RPLND....seems like yesterday...take care...Mary Ellen

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  • Margaret
    Great news Joe! And yes, you look mighty handsome bald!! So important to share your story because like many people, it is easier to assume and tell yourself it is nothing....when it could be really something.

    Boyce had a hernia since birth...same testical..and when it got harder and harder, he kept saying that it was just the hernia. And when we looked on the internet (shame on us) sites would talk about lumps and small pea sized things floating around...but never just a firm testical. So glad he went and got it checked out anyway. On his 6 month mark he also sent flowers to his doc. with a big 'thank you' attached.

    I would also caution people from looking at the internet once they have been told it is cancer...because we did and it scared the life out of us. If we had just waited the two days and heard the truth from the doctors, it would have saved us some sleepless nights and gray hairs.

    Celebrate Joe, you have earned it!!


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  • Lori
    Such great news!

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  • Fed
    Congratulations on making the one-year-mark in your survivorship!

    It's also good that you are making the point about the importance of relying on the advice of an M.D. for medical diagnoses. While everyone in here has plenty of experiences to share, none of this is a substitute for the sound medical advice of a professional.

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  • Already Bald
    started a topic One year down!

    One year down!

    Hi All,
    Today is the first anniversary of my diagnoses.
    It was my first visit with a new primary, and she asked me a few basic interview questions about my general health history. I told her that I have this little lump, and that I thought it was varicosity of the testicle- as I have a history of varicose veins. (I knew about it for ~ two weeks and I had self diagnosed myself on the internet- Big Mistake). Luckily, she didn't buy the varicosity thing- had me in for a US and STAT visit with a urologist within hours. My I/O was less than 48 hours later.
    This doctor is my hero! I sent her flowers today.
    Please guys, don't rely on the internet- if you think something is wrong go to your doctor!

    You can read more of my story here: