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Dull pain in remaining testicle

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  • Dull pain in remaining testicle

    I guess im not alone with this. For the passed 3 days I have noticed a dull pain in my remaining testicle that doesn't seem to go away.

    In febuary I was diagnosed with TC and they removed my right testicle to find that it was a Nonseminoma. About a month ago I also had a RPLND which came back negative.

    Anyway, the pain has gone on for a few days and it seems to be getting worse, but still bearable. Im pretty freaked out about it though. I checked my remaining testicle and it seems fine, no lumps or anything. What should I do?

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    Mention it to your doctor but you're certainly right, you're not alone with pain in the remaining testicle. It's quite common but just get it checked.
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      Get an ultrasound to rule out a tumour or large cyst or to diagnose epidymitis.

      If you seem to have no options you can try doxycycline(antibiotic), if no improvment then you can try arimidex(lowers estrogens) through an anti-aging doctor, or a doctor you think you could convince to prescribe it as it would be offlabel.

      We dont know yet what is causing it but djmac and I are onto it
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        I put in a call to my urologist. I will probably get a call from him tomorrow. The pain is very faint, but still noticeable. My RPLND, which came back negative, was only 1 month ago. Could something come back so quickly? Maybe its just some pain caused by the surgery. Or maybe I should just stop thinking about it and it will go away...


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          Definitely mention to your doctor.

          But I also noticed pain or ache in my remaining one a few months after my I/O. I remember discussing it with my uroloigst at my 3 months post I/O visit, and he assured me that my remaining one felt fine - and that the ache was it gearing up to do the work of two - that I would also notice it getting larger, which it has. And, the pain/and ache was not constant, just off and on - over the time since it has pretty much gone away completely - but occasionally there is that stray twinge or ache has you concerned and checking it out.

          Hopefully, everything is OK, but it is always prudent to get it checked if in doubt.
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            thank you for your advice


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              the dull ache still hasn't gone away...its really pissing me off


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                It's been a month since you've had this called your urologist....what did he/she say?
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                  Originally posted by PD081
                  the dull ache still hasn't gone away...its really pissing me off
                  Three things:

                  1) See your doctor for ultrasound, that will rule anything out
                  2) Stop thinking about it (or try to)
                  3) Definitely stop touching and squeezing it (if you are)

                  I have the same problem. I did all of the above and it seems to help a bit. I still get discomfort, but I try to relax. The weird thing is that I can't really replicate the pain by touching it.

                  I know its annoying and scary, but I think it's very common


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                    They gave me an ultrasound a few weeks ago because of this and everything looked healthy. He also examined the testicle himself and said it looked fine.

                    I have been touching it and constantly checking myself for anything bad because I am extremely paranoid for obvious reasons. Doing that probably isn't helping. I will take your advice djmac and stop examining it and I will try to stop thinking about it and see what happens.
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                      I also had pain in the remaining testicle months after my I/O. My doctor told me that your remaining testicle makes up for the one taken out and will acually change and grow.

                      I had an ultrasound like you and everthing was fine. As soon as I walked out of the ultrasound it felt better. Funny how that works.
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                        hi pd 081, i had rplnd on 4-23 and sometimes i have pain in my survivor...
                        i've booked an ultrasound just to stop doctor said itìs very common after a big open surgery...he suggested me to take some fans (anti inflammatory) like "aulin", sorry but i don't know thw name in us..
                        he called this problem "edema" in italian, all the fluid in your abdomen go down if you walk too much, the same for the blood...i spent one day on the sofa and the pain fly away...
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                          The pain in the remaining testicle seems to be common- I have seen it metioned several times on this forum. Happened to me too, I had an US about 2 months post I/O, and the pain remained for a few weeks after that even. My Dr. told me to take an Advil or Motrum, and STOP TOUCHNG IT! The pain went away over time, as had the anxiety of a second TC diagonoses. Definetly keep telling your Doctor and Nurses about about ANYTHING that is bothering you- Just keep in mind that it is highly unlikely that you have another mass.
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                            Thanks God

                            Thanks God I found this thread.
                            I have very similar feeling.
                            Something like not strong, persistent, but sometimes variable pulling-like dull pain in my other testicle.
                            I noticed it about 2 weeks after I/O, when all other post-surgery feelings became unremarkable.
                            I discussed it on my urologist appointment. He checked and said everything was normal.
                            The ache somehow disappeared in my mind.
                            Week later, it still cause some inconvenience. Another doctor (oncologist/urology) checked me recently and he told me the same thing and didn’t want to prescribe ultrasound test neither. Again, my feeling disappeared right away.
                            Of course, a lot of touching squeezing …
                            Now, I am 6 weeks after I/O and I am waiting call for RPLND date.
                            Apparently, there are another people with similar stuff.
                            I am relaxing a bit.

                            Thank you.
                            Great Forum !!!


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                              I had my I/O about a month ago, and like the rest of you, I also have the occosional dull ache in my remaining testicle. Like most of you have described, it is a non-constant, relatively minor ache, which comes and goes....sticking around for a few min then dissappearing for a few hours. I think it is just the remaining testicle working overtime and growing and stuff, but I'm going to have my urologist look at it at my next CT scan in a month. It isn't the same type of ache I had in the testicle which had cancer.

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