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  • blood in stool

    Hi to everyone!

    Has anyone being experiencing blood in their stool after dealing with chemo? I am almost 3 years clear, but I´ve been having this issue everyonce in a while.


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    call your doctor

    Anythime there is blood, you should see someone in order to find the source. There are many causes, from simple surface irritations to the more serious concerns of cancer. Not fun to think about, but your worries about it will be more disturbing than all. Our thoughts take us all over the place and then we spin out. Give your doctor a call and be sure to tell them your history. They will put the puzzle pieces together for you. Take care, Russell's Mom, Sharon
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      Blood in the stools needs to be checked. Could be as simple as a hemorrhoid-however-the-heck-it's-spelled flare up. Check it out so you don't need to worry about it needlessly.
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