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Concern about PET scan

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  • mercyriver
    Thanks Robert, it will be interesting to see what he says.

    I am just paranoid. Shorter wait time and less chaser given. Makes you wonder. Pair that with the jaw pain and stiffness he is having, the snoring, the dark eye circles that just won't go away, his grumpiness and if you gave me time I am sure a whole slew of other worries.....

    Clearly some day soon I am going to have to find something else to occupy my time other then worring about cancer.

    Thanks again Robert. You are a wealth of information.


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  • mercyriver
    started a topic Concern about PET scan

    Concern about PET scan

    I am actually looking for someone with a bit of knowledge about PET scans.

    As you know the most recent PET scan for my husband came back with no evidence of malignancy. It was a great thing to hear.

    But me, being a paranoid wife, want to make sure all is well.

    I was looking back over the PET scan results and the first PET scan was done by a hospital. They gave him 16.1 mCi of F16-FDG and waited an hour before the PET for the substance to spread through his body.

    The second PET was done by the cancer center. This time he was give 13.8 mCi of F16-FDG and only made to wait 40 minutes before the scan.

    From what I have read they give .15 mCi of F16-FDG per kilogram of wieght. My husband was 240 pounds prior and 240 pounds after. Which is about 180 kilograms. The amount given for the first PET scan is exactly right on for 240 pounds. The second PET he was given about enough for a 200 lb person.

    I can not see any reason why they would have given him less of the F16-FDG and the also give the drug less time to spread through the body.

    Can any of you that had multiple PET's look to see if your dosage and wait time was the same for all PET's.

    Also, Robert, you seem to have a wealth of medical information and access, if anything jumps at you, could you let me know.

    Clearly I should be asking the oncologist, but I normally get brushed aside as being a worrisome wife that has to many questions. Most of which I never get to ask.