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    A guy goes into his veterinarians office and complains to the vet, "Doc, Lassie isn't breathing. She won't wake up, won't eat, won't move! What is wrong with my puppy???!!!!".

    The Dr looks her over very quickly and replied, "Sir, I'm sorry but your dog is dead."

    "NO!", replied the man. "She is not dead. You do what you have to do, but she is not dead. I know there is something you can do."

    The DOC did a few things, listened with his stethoscope, checked her mouth, and stopped his checkup, looking glumly at the man. "Sir, I'm positive your dog is dead. I'm sorry."

    "NO!", replied the man, "She is not dead. Do whatever test you have to do...but I know she cannot be dead!".

    The Doc walked out of the office, and came back in with a big cat in his arms. Suddenly he took the cat by the tail and started swinging it around in circles above the dog. Faster and faster the cat flew around. The cat was screetching, and clawing wildly as it flew around. It was the craziest thing the guy ever saw. Finally the Doc stopped and took the cat out. He came back and said, "Sir, the tests are're dog is dead. I'm sorry."

    The man, finally accepting the news walks out to the reception area. A few minutes later the vet brings out the bill. The man glances at the total and his eyes bug out. He looks up at the vet and shouts, "$5,058.00??? What the heck??? Doc....why so much?".

    The Dr replied, "Vet visit: $58.00, CAT SCAN: $5,000.00".

    Ok..little joke for the day.

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    I would prefer the crazy cat than the radiation doughnut.