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  • Hematoma treatment

    Sorry if this is posted twice. The first time it didn't appear to go through, so I'm trying again.

    My boyfriend had an inguinal orchiectomy 11 days ago to remove one testicle.

    Over the past three days, he has developed a mass where the testicle was removed. It appears to resemble the hematomas that were described in other threads. The doctor has ordered an ultrasound to confirm that it is simply a collection of blood or fluid that is not draining properly.

    If this diagnosis is confirmed, the doctor plans to insert a needle into the scrotum to drain the fluid.

    Other posts have suggested that hematomas are more commonly treated simply with ice packs and letting them clear themselves.

    Are there any problems associated with draining the fluid?
    If they drain it, won't it just fill up again? They are not proposing anything to stop the source.

    In addition to the mass in the scrotum, he still has numbness and swelling all the way from the incision, along the tube, and into the scrotum.


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    How big is the hematoma? It's common to have one about the size of a grape, which will clear up on its own. The numbness will decrease over time.
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