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  • #16 guys were so right...I looked at that test for 30 it was a home pregnancy test, anxious for results. No 'bright blue' dot appeared so I am left with even more just because he may not have over the 20 mil mark to read 'bright blue' maybe he has 10 mil....or less...or more...or nothing.

    This was a stupid exercise on my part...trying to control something that I can not control..guilty as charged. It was fun doing the experiment, that was the only plus . I am supposed to do it twice, and so i am sureI will repeat the process just for the sake of it. But nothing beats a REAL doc telling you what is actually going on.

    Thanks guys for the advice and the smiles on this one.

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      Like I said those test don't work too many things can cause it to not show over 20 mil. Lab test will tell you everything you need to know.
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        Originally posted by Mom
        Bill, I have it on good authority that if Jason is producing sperm, even in small quantities, the fertility doctors (if he needs one) will prefer to use fresh sperm than banked sperm. As of October 2006, 1 1/2 yrs post chemo, Jeff had regained 13 million sperm but a lot weren't swimming. The fertility specialist however felt that it was not a good idea to wait any longer for a full count (20 million swimmers) because of his wife's age so they decided to do IVF last October. They looked at his banked sperm and fresh sperm and they used fresh sperm. The egg retrieval was great and the fertilization was great but the transfer wasn't. It was very emotional and stressful. It boiled down to "don't ask." We didn't. We got the news 12 weeks ago (they count by weeks now, 40 of them!) that we are "expecting to be Grandparents" in October!!! I am just now starting to believe it, and they are just now starting to believe it. They have passed the most critical period so they are allowing me to tell people! So, Margaret, don't give up. Bill and Nancy, if Jason is just producing a good few, that is all it takes. You will be grandparents too!! I have to tell you, though, I haven't stopped worrying since I found out!! It never ends. Dianne
        That is wonderful news!
        My youngest turned two in March- and we are done. I had a failed yard sale of mucho baby gear- I would much rather give it to a good home. as you get nearer, let me know if you are interested.
        Best regards,
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          Thanks, Joe, I'm going to take you up on it! We are going to set up our own little nursery and send them on trips so we can take care of the baby! Bill, you should be banking that $900 in a real bank because if Jason needs IVF, that money will go a long way to making it happen. Unfortunately PA doesn't require health insurers to fund IVF like some states. I thought it was very expensive until I learned that my friend's family spent close to $40K on a little girl from China. That made IVF a bargain! Dianne
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