At my last blood checkup, I meet a guy with the same problem like us. He is on chemo and told me how the first 2 days of chemo was. He never know he has genital herpes until day 2 of chemo How ?? Simple. After day 2 of chemo, all genital area where full of blisters ! Horrible. The doctor has confirmed that the blisters are caused by simplex 2 virus. This guy has asymptomatic genital herpes [he has the virus but there are no symptoms]. This story is a powerfull prove that herpes reccurences starts when immune system is down. Chemo has destroyed his immune system and all hidden inffected area where revealed. Now he knows the exact areas of inffections. This post is only informative...just a medical curiosity.

[if chemo makes free paths for viruses maybe the viruses will make chemo more effective ]

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