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  • Margaret
    Tammy, I am praying for you and Anthony and I hope everything goes well.



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  • mstlyn
    started a topic pre-ops


    I took Anthony to U of M yesterday for all his pre-ops. Maybe today we will have the markers, if so I'll post them when I get them.

    His first appointment was with the nurse practitioner, and this man took out a chart with images of the organs and nodes; and explained everything to us about the RPLND, starting with how the cancer cells got into the lymph to begin with, to why there are certain risks with RPLND.

    He had full CT done, and we were on our way back home. We're hoping and praying now that his AFP will be low enough for surgery.

    I was happy to hear him say that he teaches about TC at the schools around Ann Arbor.

    He said his sons best friend died from TC. His testicles were very swollen but the kid never told anyone until it was too late. It's heartbreaking to hear these kinds of stories, but I am happy when I hear that someone is doing something to get the information out there in the schools.