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Post-RPLND recovery questions

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  • Post-RPLND recovery questions

    two questions--

    i'm about six weeks out from my RPLND in which they removed 35 lymphnodes on my right side.

    question 1. on my left side from my belly button into my pubic area i still have no return of feeling. ejaculation and all that works perfectly fine. after my orchiectomy feeling came back in that area after 3 or 4 weeks. does anyone know how long it can take for feeling to come back in this area.

    quesiton 2. i sometimes get a shooting pain and sharp ache in my pubic area which gets very sore when i'm up for longer periods during the day. walking is fine but it would still hurt too much to do exercise or have sex. has anyone had experience with this?

    i'm curious what the timeline was for people in feeling better. my swelling is getting better everyday, my appetite is finally coming back and i'm definitely getting stronger i'm just unsure of the things above.

    any word,


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    i'm here, i'm here

    well, yes...all 35 nodes were clear. so that was good news. sorry i dropped the ball--i thought i made a little reply.

    thanks for the information. it just freaks me out because it's already been six weeks so i was expecting to not have a sharp pain still. the slumped over walking and swelling, yes.

    thanks again for your response.