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Is it still ok to workout?

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  • Is it still ok to workout?

    I have been going to the gym and weight lighting / running for roughly the past 6 years on and off. I usually workout 3 to 4 days a week. It is defininitely one of my hobbies, something I enjoy doing. With my two surgeries behind me, I have now been back to the gym for about a month.

    Can weight lifting & running be bad for TC? (im not talking about power lifting with huge amounts of weight, just typical weight lifting and cardio at a gym) Im pretty sure working out is still fine. I just wanna make sure im not doing something that I shouldn't be...

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    I don't know the timetable of when it's dangerous to work out relative to your past surgeries, but I don't see any reason why working out would "be bad for TC." Anything that makes you a stronger, healthier person should do just the opposite and help prevent you from sickness/injuries. I started cardio about 3 weeks after my I/O and lifting weights a little over a month after my I/O. There are tons of people in this forum who are avid bike riders, which is definitely a pretty big cardio and lower body work out. Being back at the gym and getting back in shape is making me feel far less vulnerable to getting sick again, and it's also a great way to blow off stress from the cancer experience, for me anyway.

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      There is no association between tc and exercise. Work out all you want.
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        The only working out limitation occurs soon after your surgeries (it's 4-6 weeks for an I/O, probably a bit longer for an RPLND). After that, you can do whatever you want.
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