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Radiation to one side?

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  • LoneNutTheorist
    I have read of other cases where someone is irradiated on one side, so I guess this is a fairly common procedure.

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  • LoneNutTheorist
    started a topic Radiation to one side?

    Radiation to one side?

    I have seminoma stage 1. had my IO on 4/21. Appear to have found it early. CT and X-Ray were clear. Blood markers were normal (as is common with seminoma).

    I was prescribed 15 radiation treatments (2500 cGy). The doctor says he is only going to radiate the side where I had the tumor removed. He says that unless I ever had any kind of surgery there -- hernia, etc, that medical evidence shows that there is no crossover from one side to the other. If you have had surgery, apparently they have found that injected dye will cross over sometimes. But not when there were no prior surgeries.

    Does this sound right? I hadn't read that anywhere before. They are going to put a clamshell shield over my scrotum from radiation, etc. Going to get tattooed and everything next week. They told me they wouldn't prescribe anything for nausea unless I show signs. So nothing will be taken unless I need it. Sounds fair enough.

    Basically it looks like I am doing nothing about the microlithiasis in my right side except to watch it VERY closely.