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CT without oral contrast?

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  • CT without oral contrast?

    Is it normal to have a CT with IV contrast and no (PO) oral contrast? I just got my results of my CT this evening and everything was clear but I am concerned about a false negative because they did not use oral contrast. I ask the Urologist and he said it was not necessary. I am going to see Dr. Cookson at Vanderbilt on 6/25 so I might have to do another CT.

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    ask ask ask

    Russell has always had the contrast. Recently I learned that the contrast will enhance the bowel image. It would be difficult to understand each doctors goal and reasoning for the exam, but you deserve to understand if you are wanting to know. Also it is good to follow the reasoning as you progress so you will understand your treatment. Ask, questions, ask them to print out the descriptions of the tests and why they are used. Slowly the information starts making sense. Hope this helps, Russell's Mom, Sharon
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      The day I was diagnosed I had a CT, and the only contrast I received was IV. Since then, all of my subsequent CT scans have involved, in addition to the IV, some form of oral contrast. Essentially, both methods are feasible.
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        Not unusual

        I have had the scans noth with oral and IV contrast and only IV.

        Nothing to worry about in my opinion.

        Congratuloations on the clear scan!!
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          I had my recent CT scan with both oral and IV contrast.


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            Lack of oral contrast will not likely cause a false negative. Oral and IV do different things... IV increases contrast of all organs including lymph nodes, Oral just stains the inside of your digestive tract with heavy barium. If you look at the scans, your bowels look bright white, which makes them easy to follow. Otherwise, it's possible that a loop of bowel could pass for a tumor or something else. So it's more likely that w/o oral, you may have to deal with a false positive than a false negative.



            PS Is it weird that I actually don't mind, even like, the oral contrast reagent?
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