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Numbness in hands

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  • Numbness in hands

    My husband finished high dose EPx4 in April. Now he says that his fingers (now his hands) and toes are numb. Has anyone else experienced this? The oncologist doesn't think it is chemo related because it only started about a month after treatment. He will be referred to nuerology.

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    Sounds like Chemo related Neuropathy to me. I started experiencing it after my 4EP, and it got to be even more pronounced after my TIP protocol. Lyrica was helping but it really fatigued me. Lyrica is worth a try if it persists if you don't experience the fatigue.
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      one year post BEP and I still feel it...I welcome it...reminds me of what I went thru...just don't think about it...sometimes it will takes up to two years to go away, based on others posts.

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        My numbness (in my feet) came a couple of months after my last chemo treatment. And it took two year to feel "almost" normal. Very hard were the first months (maybe first year) then, slowly, I felt it fading away day after day.
        A neurologist should be able to measure the intensity of neuropathy (they gave little electric impulses to my legs "reading" nerve's response time); and unless it is very severe (as someone in this forum unfortunately has) it will go away.
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          Thank you for responding. I have found this forum incredibly helpful!


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            I must disagree with your doctor and agree with the guys sounds almost exactly like post chemo numbness. I am sure it will pass in time. We are thinking of you both.

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              I had the numbness too, mostly in my right hand and right foot.
              When it was bad I walked with a limp, and I just couldn't shake it off or stomp it out. Havn't noticed it for maybe 6 weeks now, and I'm only 5 months post chemo
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                LYRICA! and see a Neurologist

                I had neuropathy in my fingers and toes post-chemo. I went to a Neurologits and he prescribed Lyrica. Great stuff for neuropathy. The doc told me nerves regrow about 1/4 of an inch a MONTH, so be patient. I am almost two years post chemo now, been off Lyrica for about six months, and I am almost 100%.

                And I is like a battle scar. Reminds me of what I went through.

                Also, see my responses at:
                and here

                Good luck!

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