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  • dadmo
    It's not really the total number drop that you need to focus on it's the percentage. Every week the number should be about half of what it was the week before. Your husbands numbers look fine and should continue to drop.
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  • sldl1106
    started a topic New Here... AFP Question

    New Here... AFP Question

    Hi Everyone -

    What a terrific site you have here! I don't know why I haven't found it sooner, it certainly would have helped my husband and I these last few months!

    My hubby Rob is 35, and after months (oct 06-feb 07) of intensifying back pain we found out the first week of March that he had TC. His AFP numbers were 13,600. HcG in the 800s. He had a left I/O at Sloan Kettering the last week in April w. a kidney stent and began chemo a week later. 4xBEP suggested; pathology showed the tumor was a mixed non-sem and teratoma with large areas of burnout. MSK does not like to classify stages and types because TC is "highly treatable."

    During the first round, his AFP dropped from 13,600 to 1,700. In the third round, AFP dropped only from 78 to 35. He starts round four on Monday.
    We're getting nervous. Shouldn't his numbers be lower than even 35? Why do they seem to be dropping so slowly with each progressive round? Has anyone else had this experience? Or is this all normal? Twice we had to wait an extra week for treatment because his WBC was less than 1.0. Could this be hindering the drop?

    I'm a wreck because I know the next step if the numbers don't come down is probably VIP, and I have heard that BEP is a walk in the park compared to VIP.

    Oh, I'm freaking out. My thanks in advance for any advice.