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  • Today's Follow-up

    I had my first follow-up today. I didn't actually have to come in, but I felt a tiny..tiny little..well, it felt like a pin head near the top of the epididymus (did I spell that right?). Everything else felt normal, BUT, better to be safe. I described it to the doctor and he said, lets take a look, but its probably nothing. He said if we find something fishy we'll do an ultrasound same day.

    So, he checked it out and quickly said it was tunicle cyst and nothing to worry about. My remaining testicle was in perfect shape. Wheewww...what a load off. (I had a feeling it was fine, but great to hear it from the doc).

    Anyhow, since it has been about 18 days since my last radiation treatment (wow, has it been that long?) he set me up for some more labs and a CT scan. My buddy did the labs, and he is the best of the best (and I've had the worst). When he takes blood you don't even feel the needle going in, and he can find the vein in anyone. It is truly a thing of beauty. Hey, when you're stuck quite a bit you appreciate these things!

    So, those labs are in the process of being done and I'm sure they'll be fine. It has only been since April 10th that I had my orchiectomy/original labs. It feels like that happened 10 years ago - literally. I'm still slightly nervous - but hey. The CT scans showed nothing. Weeks later the PET scan showed nothing. I've just went through a round of radiation. So...nothing to worry about, right?

    If only it were that easy!

    I know that there is a surveillance protocol based upon the staging/treatment - but he said he will adjust my surveillance based upon these scans.

    Sorry this was so long - but this is my latest info. Its funny. I haven't had to go to a Doctor in 18 days, I've felt great and been back running in this fantastic almost forget you ever had cancer. Then poof....bombarded with Doctor's appointments - but I know I should just be thankful, and I am.