left IO done on may 10. 36yo, thought i had kidney stones. CT/ultrasound showed cancer.
pathology - pure seminoma, all testicular cancer. large mass in abdomen 6x6x9cm
CT shows no invasion of lungs, organs, bones, etc.

5/2 - day i found out - HCG = 62, AFP = 1.9
5/17 - (surgery done 5/10) - HCG = 102, no retest on AFP
only difference in both tests was the 5/2 test was done late at night, like 10p, and the 5/17 was done first thing in the AM, like 730a. not sure if that would matter.

doc said both were in the reasonable range for right now, pre chemo.

anyone seen markers go up after surgery? any reason to be concerned? oncology appt tomorrow.....thx, matt