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Drop in White Blood Cell Count Post-RPLND

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  • Drop in White Blood Cell Count Post-RPLND

    Andy went to see his oncologist today for some additional bloodwork and his white blood cell count was a wee bit low. His doc didn't seem too concerned but does want to see him again in two weeks.

    In reviewing all of his previous records on his blood draws, we noticed that the counts went below the normal range after RPLND surgery...which would only be normal since they've removed a number of lymph nodes (which are collections of white blood cells) right? Does anyone know if the WBC count ever normalizes over time...or should we always expect that it will be below the range from this point forward?
    *Hubby Andy diagnosed 02/13/07, Left IO 02/16/07 *Stage 1A Non-Seminoma (65% Immature Teratoma / 35% Embryonal Carcinoma) *RPLND 04/27/07 Lymph Nodes-ALL CLEAR
    *Complications from Chylous Ascites so Laparotomy 05/03/07 *No food for 10 weeks, TPN only *07/18/07 Removed drains, tubes, picc line *CT Scan 07/31/07-ALL CLEAR
    *CT Scan 02/12/08-ALL CLEAR *Hydrocele surgery 06/19/08 *CT Scan 9/30/08 and 03/06/09 shows <cm left lung nodule - under surveillance