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  • Karen
    Hi Dawn,
    You aks some good questions, but even if people here can share their personal experiences it may not be relevant to what Brian has or needs. The location and size of the tumors are a consideration for surgery...risk vs. benefit at this particular point in time. Can I suggest you sit down and make a list of all your questions and run through them with Dr Bosl? Every patient has different circumstances and only Brian's doc can really assess his situation.

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  • DAWN82
    started a topic Hi All

    Hi All

    Has anyone on this forum had some tumors in the liver from the cancer, and their dr. told them they would be afraid to take them out?

    Brian still has those tumors, and Dr. Bosl doesnt know if the liver surgeon is going to want to take them out in fear of something bad happening during surgery. from what i was told, if it is teratoma, it is SO important to take them out! but they said they could leave them and it would be ok as long as not active cancer?