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Post Orchiectomy Scar Treatments?

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    Originally posted by TimsWife
    Good point- I have to admit though, I was shocked how big his scar was at the time of his surgery. His scar is as long as some C-section scars. I wonder if his surgeon was just being cautious. Interesting, though. I wonder if it had to do with the size of the testicle/tumor or not???
    That is a good question! In my case the size of my testicle coming out really is small. They got "fried" by the mumps and I've been on HRT for years which has not helped. The worst part is that was the large one of the two. <SIGH> P.S. I have to admit I'm guesstimating the length of my scar.

    To be honest I was more excited to see the difference in my implant size wise. ;-)