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I have a question, can anyone help me out?

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  • I have a question, can anyone help me out?

    Hi, It's been a long while since I have been on this site. I wish I would have been back alot sooner!
    My boyfriend of six years is battling TC Cancer. He just finished 4XBEP on July 22nd. The Oncologist cut out his Bleo shot after the 3rd cycle bc they believed he might have the start of Pulminary Toxicity. It's been 2 weeks since hes been home and is still not yet feeling any better.
    He was diagnosed April 16th, 2007. His Hcg count was just over 444,000. By April 30th, it was at 777,000. He started his first cycle of BEP on May 1st. On June 25th it dropped down to 115. The last we were told it is at 35.
    The Chemo treatment has really taken a toll on him. It has not been easy. We have been in and out of the ER for many reasons. The last time we went to the ER was July 8th for suvire pain. He was addmitted that day bc his blood counts were extremly low.
    This last friday he went to the restroom and urinated Blood. We got scared bc it was a good amount. So I called the Oncologist office. They told us to come in just to be safe. They did some lab work. They ended up saying they couldn't find any infections or anything.
    But they did tell us that his white blood count is at 0.8, his plateltes are at 33 and his potassium is at 3.4.
    My Question is, Isn't that too low to have sent him home? Shouldn't he be getting a blood infusion or something?

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    Originally posted by dollfin1204
    But they did tell us that his white blood count is at 0.8, his plateltes are at 33 and his potassium is at 3.4.
    My Question is, Isn't that too low to have sent him home? Shouldn't he be getting a blood infusion or something?
    The plateltes (Trombocytes) are really low.
    These are needed to stop bleeding.

    When you are very low it's quite normal to have nose-bleeds etc.
    Blood in the urine isn't good, but it can be explained by the low nr.
    Because the blood is mixed with urine it looks quite bad, probably the amount of bleeding looked more than it was.

    When doing HD-chemo infusion of plateltes is quite common, but with normal chemo the dip normally is only a few days.

    Important is to be aware of any internal bleeding (blue bruises etc.), and report this to the treatment center. (As you have been doing.)

    Not knowing any (health) history:
    I would personally feel that it would be good practice if your blood counts would currently be monitored every 2 days. (If it keeps dropping/very low the course of action could be infusion).



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      Thanks for all the info dbo.

      The Dr.s office told me that he should be ok and not to worry unless he starts to bleed again. But I still get nervous. He doesn't see the Dr. again until this friday.

      I worry about blood clots too. And how would I even know he has one if he does?


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        Generally cause significant swelling and often pain in the affected areas.

        Mine are in my right side juggular vein, and mi right arm and hand are swollen about 50% larger than my left. When iit gets worse, swelling will make my elbow kind of invisibl and painful.

        They can also check his blood level (warfarin, I think) to see how his clottig is.
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          I know when we go into the Dr.s office they check for them.
          They did tell me he able to get them easily, but I didn't know how I would would know without the Dr. telling us.
          Thank you, now I know what to look out for.


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            Hey dollfin,

            Was there any mention of a platelet transfusion?

            33 is very low. I know here at Sloan, they transfuse Danny if his platlets go below 50.

            wishing you both well,


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              My husband battled low platelets pretty much from the time he finished High Dose Chemo on. I would think if the platelets stay low for several days, an infusion would be considered. Just make sure he's really careful in the meantime. Any cut or "bump" to his body can be very serious when they are low like that. Just an FYI, most docs told us they wouldn't consider an infusion until the platelets went under 20K.

              My husband also had serious problems with clots and I'll give you some info to help you know what to watch for. His first clot was a DVT in his right arm near the elbow, which happened right after he got his port-a-cath placed on the same side. He had a lot of swelling in his arm and hand, and felt a tightness. He was put on blood thinners. Then in February, when were headed to Indiana for HDC, he was having horrible pain in his left leg. There wasn't noticable swelling. Got to the point he couldn't walk and IU did an ultrasound and found superficial (on the surface) clots all the way down his leg. Blood thinners again. When we got back from IU, he experienced swelling in his right leg and it was determined he had deep clots (no pain this time) all the way down his leg.

              So clots can cause you pain and swelling, but sometimes they can sneak up on you without such an obvious warning. If the doctors are checking his INR and monitoring him, they can hopefully catch anything that might be brewing.

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                This is a bit off topic, but platelet transfusions made me think of it....I don't know how things work anymore with blood donations and insurance etc....but we used to be able to direct a donation to an individual and they can get "credit" for units of blood. I'm unable to donate platelets but donate whole blood as often as I am able. Would it be helpful if those who donate can get donations credited to any of the members needing transfusions? If anyone has info on this please post it...I donated last week but would be thrilled to have my next donations credited to a member if it would help.
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                  I also would love to donate blood and would be happy for it to credit a memeber. I want to help anyway I can!


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                    I would donate blood too- I'm in!


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                      Before cancer I used to donate frequently; but alas, we cancer patients have to be at least 5 years removed from treatment before we can donate again... if I could, I totally would.
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