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    Hi, It's been a long while since I have been on this site. I wish I would have been back alot sooner!
    My boyfriend of six years is battling TC Cancer. He just finished 4XBEP on July 22nd. The Oncologist cut out his Bleo shot after the 3rd cycle bc they believed he might have the start of Pulminary Toxicity. It's been 2 weeks since hes been home and is still not yet feeling any better.
    He was diagnosed April 16th, 2007. His Hcg count was just over 444,000. By April 30th, it was at 777,000. He started his first cycle of BEP on May 1st. On June 25th it dropped down to 115. The last we were told it is at 35.
    The Chemo treatment has really taken a toll on him. It has not been easy. We have been in and out of the ER for many reasons. The last time we went to the ER was July 8th for suvire pain. He was addmitted that day bc his blood counts were extremly low.
    This last friday he went to the restroom and urinated Blood. We got scared bc it was a good amount. So I called the Oncologist office. They told us to come in just to be safe. They did some lab work. They ended up saying they couldn't find any infections or anything.
    But they did tell us that his white blood count is at 0.8, his plateltes are at 33 and his potassium is at 3.4.
    My Question is, Isn't that too low to have sent him home? Shouldn't he be getting a blood infusion or something?

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    hey dollfin,

    those counts seem very low. particularly his platelet level. I could see them sending him home with a low white count as long as he had no fever, but with platelets under 50, I don't understand why a platelet transfusion was not done.

    i would suggest re-posting your post in a NEW THREAD under the "Treatment After the Orchiectomy: Radiation, Chemotherapy, RPLND, Surveillance" section of the forum. Many more people will see it there and be able to offer you a lot of guidance. I don't think many will see your post where it is now.

    I know the people here can be of great help to you!