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Low White blood cell counts and pallates

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  • Low White blood cell counts and pallates

    I just finished my second 5 day full week of chemo and now into the 2 week 1 a day chemo until I start cycle 3. Before I began my week 2nd cycle they were extremely concerened with my white blood cell count and low pallates (sp?). I know that as of the monday when I was to begin cycle 2 my white blood count was at .3 and they wanted it to be at 2 or higher. I didnt really know what that meant and it was quite stressfull as there was talk about holding off a week to begin the second cycle. As for my pallate count it was low (I didnt get a reading) but I can notice the bigger bruises on my arm just from the needles etc. They decided to go ahead and I just finished the second full week which is awesome but just curious what this all means.

    I know that they were concerened that waiting with test. cancer is tough as it spreads fairly rapidly (I know my afp went from 6-85 and HCG from 8-174 in the one week I had to postpone while I took care of my fertility clinic responsibilities).

    I quess I am a little concerned at when these numbers move around....they seemed to get the lowest just at the end of cycle 1. Should I be nervous that when my 3rd cycle starts (aug 27th) that these numbers will most likely be even lower and hence a chance of them holding off a week?


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    Hi Phil,
    My boyfriend has just finished his fourth cycle of chemo a few weeks ago. It is very common that your white blood cell counts drop(your immune system) after each cycle. Steve's have been going up and down like a rollercoaster. .3 is very low. Take extra good care of yourself....make sure you're not around sick people. At one point Steve's white blood count was that low also. I made sure people wore a mask when visiting him.
    His platellets were very low last week too. He had a blood transfusion this last past monday to help get those back up. They were at 33 and are now back up to 233!
    Don't stress yourself out. Ask lots of questions. Sometimes I thought the nurses would get annoyed because I asked a million questions, but hey.... you have the right to ask anything, even if they think it's a dumb question.
    We are all here to share info.
    Good luck and I am here for you!


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      I just thought of something....
      Do you have a portacath? Steve didnt get one put in until after his first cycle of chemo. And believe me, that thing is great for him! He is so happy he got it. His arms are still messed up from all the needle pricks in his arms. It's something to look into if you don't already have one.
      Just a thought


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        Has you doctor been giving you a shot of Neulasta the week after each round? That should help with the low white cell count. It's really important to not put off treatment because of a low count. You may want to read Testicular Cancer Treatments: Chemotherapy and then print a copy for your doctor to read. Pay particular attention to the section titled "A Few Important Final Tips". Good luck and keep us posted.
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